Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the process of providing a place for your website on the Internet. Websites are built using web pages that contain the text, images and other items that appear in the web browser. The web pages must be stored on a hosting server – a computer specifically configured to display websites. When someone types your domain name in the browser, the browser is directed to the hosting server and the web pages are displayed in the browser.  

Hosting Plans
Most Popular

$20 @ month

$240 @ year


$25 @ month

$300 @ year


$30 @ month

$360 @ year

If your site is a WordPress site, your site can be transferred to and hosted by DuRant Interactive Solutions.


If your site is a ColdFusion site, DIS can review the site to see if it can transferred to and hosted by Durant Interactive Solutions.

Cost: The immediate advantage is a lower per-month cost for your hosting service.


Deferred Cost Increases: DIS leases hosting services from world-class Internet providers. If those providers increase the cost of those services, the cost of hosting plans will be increased. The Annual and Semi-Annual hosting plans protect you from cost increases during the current service period.  The increased rate will be applied at the end of your current annual service period.

When you purchase a hosting plan, the web service is automatically activated.