Domain Names

Domain Names

Obtaining a Domain Name is the first step in establishing your presence on the web. 



A Domain Name is the address associated with a web site, and every web site must have a domain name. The domain name is how people find your business or organization on the Internet. For example, is the domain name for DuRant Interactive Solutions, LLC. After creating your website, your domain name is linked to the hosting service provider used to display your website, At that point, users on the Internet can access your website.



Don’t have a domain name yet?  DIS can help you find and purchase a domain name.



Already have a domain name, but no website?  If you have already purchased a domain name, DIS can host your website and connect your domain name to your website.



How much does it cost to purchase a domain name? Domain names can often be purchased initially for $15-$30.



Are there any recurring costs for a domain name? Yes, domain names must be renewed annually. The renewal cost is typically $15-$45.



What happens if a domain name is not renewed on time? If a domain name is not renewed before its expiration date, the domain name is released to the Internet and can be purchased by anyone. Every day, numerous scavenger companies search for and purchase expired domain names and then offer to sell them back to the original owners at a much higher price. For example, a scavenger company that acquires an expired domain name may charge $1,000 or more for a domain name that would renew for $15-$45.



How will I know when the domain name needs to be renewed? As part of the hosting service, DuRant Interactive Solutions will notify you when your domain name needs to be renewed for billing purposes. DIS will manage the technical aspects of renewing your domain name.